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[Cyndi/Luke] dedicate a song to you

shizumaslover in sickfishpodcast

Episode Three: In Which We Boil Some Rocks



This episode of Sick Fish contains spoilers up to episodes 3x14-3x15: The Boiling Rock. Listener beware!

This Week


Fishies: Ali, Shizuma, and Rawles.

Fanalysis: The Boiling Rock!

Listener Love: Drabble contest results and DRAMATIC READINGS. Plus, listener mail!


  • Rawles is a parenthetical narration prodigy, Shizuma tries (and fails) her best to fill Azula's shoes, and Ali is the most dramatical of all.

  • Balloon Buddies and their Gorgeous Girlfriends. Epic, inarticulate flailing ensues.

  • We attempt to have serious, meaningful discussion about the events of The Boiling Rock, but mostly can only express our love of everything and everyone contained within. Especially a new character, for whom our love is NOT A JOKE, PEOPLE.

  • We manage to answer our very first fanmail question seriously, entertaining different endgame possibilities for Mai/Zuko and the future of our fandom.

  • Next week: The Beach, The Avatar and the Fire Lord, and Zuko.


Drabble Contest Winners

First Place - Ashes by solace_adrift/Ashrial

Honorable Mention - (Reflective) Resoution by invaderk

Honorable Mention - Too Late by estrella_blanca

Credits and Thank Yous

The views expressed in this podcast are those of the fangirl expressing them and do not necessarily reflect the views of Sick Fish, Flaming Knives, or your mom. Thanks to all of our hosts past, present, and future for their time and the production assistance that many of them offer! And special thanks to Reggie Wolf for doing the bulk of our sound editing and thus making us seem a lot more concise than we actually are.

If you have questions, suggestions or comments, leave them here! And if you have any queries or topics you'd like to hear us address on the show email them to sickfishpodcast@gmail.com!


I will listen to it, very soon, but I want already congratulate solace_adrift for winning the drabble contest.


LOL. It was so funny and great. You presented all the highlights.

Also, thank you for the Piandao song. LOL. I think it was me who made that comment.

Re: Addition:

Hehehe. Well, we all realized like half an hour after recording it that we'd left him out, but people noting that certainly helped the MAKE UP FOR IT cause. <3

Re: Addition:

I could understand, because the awesomeness that are Iroh and Sokka can shadow the awesomeness of other characters.
Wow, who is that incredibly talented writer who won? …joking aside, that was very well read. My hat off to all of you, it’s a real honor.
The rest of the podcast was, as always, awesome. I look forward to the next one. Though I must (respectfully) disagree about Maiuncle. To me he will always be an ugly woman trapped in a man’s body.
To me he will always be an ugly woman trapped in a man’s body.

I fail to see how this hypothesis makes him NOT awesome?!
You make a compelling case.
Yay, this is was awesome!

I'm just like "CONFIRM" on like, everything you guys said.

Zuko going through his mental list of "villages I have burned down" was hysterical. xDD
I listened to the podcast and I loved it. I'm a big fan of the Sokka and Zuko bff interaction and you guys provided entertaining flail about the whole thing.

About fanfiction after the show is done I feel like there is going to be a lot of Maiko family fic mixed up with Fire Nation politics after the show is over. The whole nation rebuilding mixed up with Mai and Zuko starting a family seems like stuff that will interest lots of people and convince them to write fic.
I have been waiting all week for this. Checking non-stop! XD

*dances off to go listen* Thank you very much for the honourable mention! :D
Listening to ali_wildgoose reading out a part of my drabble was SO great. I loved it on many many levels. I was giggling like an idiot! :D

*giggles and squees like an idiot*

"Your car sucks, take my car"
HAHA. NICE. Buuurn~
Totally rad podcast! 8D
Thanks for the dramatic reading, and for supplying me with my needed dose of fandom unsuckish fangirlingggg.

Also, I pronounce it "IN-vuhderk", just in case you some day need to know. xD
This podcast filled me with nearly as many squees as the episode itself. Hats off to you all!

Also, I concur that Ali needs to post that video on youtube.

And this icon is entirely your fault. ;)
If you couldn't tell by my activity at the forum, I'm over my emo-ness of not being able to participate. xD Thanks for the shout out! :3

I liked the duscussion of Mai's standpoint, I really haddn't thought about it all that much before listening to this... It was very nicely put!

I'm a bit sad with the lack of Sukka that I would have provided, and you only discussed about half of what I wanted to say, so the next time I'm on one of these things and Suki is in the episode, BEWARE! I shall talk much. :D
OH you funny people <3...you made me laugh like an idiot in a public place today...people looked at me like I was crazy.
So! Fantastic as always! I totally didn't expect to hear my name shouted in it, and I most certainly LOLed and was very humbled. There is a number of great moments in here and I love them all.

Do you guys make transcripts of your podcasts?
Not yet!

It was tossed around at one point, but it hasn't quite materialized.
Great podcast! I finally got around to getting a LJ so now I can comment!
I feel very hounoured by beeing the first question to be answered on the Sick Fish podcast! Thanks for answering it! I totally agree with (was it Rawls? ) When she said that part about dissatisfied fans=more fics and fan art.

Can't wait for the next podcast!
I think that was actually Ali! But I agree with her so it's all copacetic. XD

I'm glad you were satisfied with OUR ANSWERS. <3
I was totally satisfied with your answers! They were awesome! And in fact, I when I said 'fandom' I was referring to the Maikoist. Sorry that I wasn't that clear!
I hear a lot of TV Tropes lingo in all 3 podcasts.
Yes -- Woobie, Steam Punk, Jumping Off The Slope...
Well, I don't know about Jumping Off the Slope, as I don't even know what that is. (I mean, I can guess, but its use as an idiom is unfamiliar to me.) But the terms woobie and steampunk (which is has been around as a sci-fi/fantasy subgenre for a few decades at least) existed long, long before TV Tropes. TV Tropes collects and offers consensus-based "definitions" for a lot of common fannish vernacular in its capacity as a wiki, but it's certainly not where they originated.

Edited at 2008-05-26 12:16 am (UTC)
So, what I heard is a coincidence?
I wouldn't call it a coincidence. I mean, just cause and effect. People use and have been using those terms for years. TV Tropes is a wiki, so it aggregates information. In most cases, it lists those terms because people use them, not the other way around.
"It's hard to be suspicious of someone who's so ridiculously adorkable. All the time."


BFF ADVENTURESSSSS. And I agree with you guys, I just couldn't believe how ridiculously/hilariously YOUR FIC CAME TO LIFE. IT WAS LIKE...THERE. I ALSO AGREE and LOL at Sokka's tone clearly implying the "...who's also REALLY HOT" addendum.

Really interesting thoughts about Maiuncle. I hadn't really thought of it from the angle of him actually showing more care toward her emotional state than her parents, but...I like it.

And the layers of pissed-off-ness. And the "she's not going to trot out these lines because she has to." I really, really like how they handled how she received his views. It made sense.

And watching that scene, I was just so wrapped up in how much I had no idea exactly what she would do. OMG THE TENSION. IN THE ENTIRE LAST PART OF THAT EPISODE. And then, when everything was said and done (AFTER ALL THE LOUD SCREAMING/SQUEALS), how much it was just all - pretty much the best, complete, true to everyone's character AND FREAKING AWESOME way everything that happened could have been handled. So many things that happened in that episode I could have seen going different ways, and yet, seeing it in its execution, it just worked. A++ AVATAR TEAM. ALSO A++ TO SICKFISH KIDS. YAY. STOP MAKING ME LAUGH AND BE FULLED OF DORKY LOVE FOR THESE CHARACTERS WHILE PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO SLEEP. :D

I love this. Seriously, Sick Fish has kept me so entertained for the past 2 days while I listened to all of y'all's absolute WIN and ridiculous-ness.

I AGREE WITH ALL THINGS BOILING ROCK. SO VERY, VERY EPIC. (I literally had to pause the video, get up, and dance around the room for half a minute in glee)

Great job, guys, and I'm looking forward to the next podcast! :D

Ali, Shizuma, Rawles, you guys are awesome. I really just love you guys. Hahaha this makes me wish I had a mike/attempt to join.
I just want you guys to know your podcast is still giving me glee 18 months later.
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