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[kb] still raw about it

peri_peteia in sickfishpodcast

Episode One: Waking Up and Getting Down


WARNING: This episode of Sick Fish contains passing mention of events in episodes 3x12 and 3x13 of Avatar. Id est, episodes that HAVE YET TO AIR ON AMERICAN TELEVISION. There be spoilers if you are part of the 5% of the internet that has not acquired the Canadian airings of these episodes.

This Week


Fishies: Ali, Kimba, Shizuma, and Rawles.
Fanalysis: The Awakening and The Headband
Getting Into Character: Aang!
Listener Love: A drabble contest. Just. For. You. (Details in the episode Notes.)


  • We determine that The Awakening is amazingly dense and made up of equal parts really anvilicious things and really subtle things!

  • The Headband is lolarious, Zuko is kinda crazy, and Sokka/Beard is the truest of all OTPs.

  • We really, really, really love Aang. And we sort of wonder what's up with you if you don't!

  • Rawles likes fic about childhood games, Shizuma likes fanvids to music from Across the Universe, Kimba likes epic, lengthy fic in which Azula is scary, and Ali likes fic that inexplicably makes her care about Haru.

  • We all think that the Avatarverse is awesome enough that there will someday be a great fanwork renaissance and we also have issues with Harry Potter.

  • Next week: Sokka, Sokka's Master, The Painted Lady, more recs, and probably more shenanigans!



Rawles' Pick: unbolt the dark (three games of hide and seek) by fahye.

Shizuma's Pick: Brilliantly Green's LiveVideo Channel specifically Strawberry Fields Forever and The Dream Within.

Kimba's Pick: Dichotomy by The Rose's Charm/fanfare.

Ali's Pick: A Long Long Time Ago by ladylisse.

Drabble Contest

What You Should Do: Write a short fic of a Mai/Zuko-ish bent that is no fewer than 100 and no more than 300 words and send it to sickfishpodcast@gmail.com.

What You Should Not Do: Write a short fic that contains porn and send it to sickfishpodcast@gmail.com. Well, actually...you SHOULD do that all you like. We just can't use it for this contest! Sry.

What We Will Do: Select Fishies will perform a dramatic reading of the winning fic (and possibly excerpts from honorable mentions if there are enough entries) on an upcoming episode of Sick Fish. So basically you get to listen to us embarass ourselves in front of the internet. WITH YOUR WORDS. We will also shower it in praise and note your awesomeness all over the comm FOR ALL TIME.

Special Note: Because we had some ISSUES getting this episode out in a timely fashion, the deadline for this contest is NOT April 11th as stated in the podcast, but will be significantly later. The updated deadline will be announced in episode two.

Credits and Thank Yous

Sound clips, etc. are from Avatar: The Last Airbender which we do not in any way own. No infringment is intended. The views expressed in this podcast are those of the fangirl expressing them and do not necessarily reflect the views of Sick Fish, Flaming Knives, or your mom. Thanks to all of our hosts past, present, and future for their time and the production assistance that many of them offer! And special thanks to Reggie Wolf for doing the bulk of our sound editing and thus making us seem a lot more concise than we actually are.

If you have questions, suggestions or comments, leave them here! And if you have any queries or topics you'd like to hear us address on the show email them to sickfishpodcast@gmail.com!


Oh God, you guys are hilarious. I needed that. XD

I'm trying to remember what made me laugh most, and I'm thinking it was when you were talking about how Aang spent hours wondering whether he and Katara would have airbending babies or waterbending babies. Because it is SO TRUE!

Oh and Azula keeping a file folder with all of her evil plans organised in it. Also SO TRUE.
Aww. I am glad it cheered you up?!


ALSO what I have decided is a mandatory notification: if you listened prior to 3AM EST Wednesday night/Thursday morning, due to a UPLOADING ERROR the last ten minutes containing the rest of the recs and the contest details was cut off :( IT IS FIXED NOW. IF YOU ARE REALLY CURIOUS.
Sick Fish

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